How About Orange

Bikes and sick doggys

Our weekend consisted of: dog park, Robin's show at the Dodge, Hanny's for dinner, brunch at Barrio Cafe, and early morning Target shopping for Orla Kiely. Robot and Stella had a wonderful time at the Rose Mofford dog park. The Echo Canyon one is even better... definitely going back Thursday on my day off. Having few girl friends left and not going out a lot is fine, just different. I love my weekends.

I also love my husband. I got a new bike today. LOVE IT! It's the same as below, but that's not my bike. I will have to take a photo.

Stella is sick today so I am keeping an eye on her. We almost went to the E-Vet but she seems better. Perhaps a tummy bug.

Mooshy Face

My dog needs haircut...

She is currently on my lap making it hard to type, gnawing on a rawhide bone.
Weekend is nice so far, even though I work tomorrow. Went to Pedro's for dinner. Came home to a vase of flowers and a card from Rob. We are seeing Robin's show tomorrow at the Dodge Theater and getting brunch on Sunday. Monday is no work, which makes up for having to go in tomorrow.

2 months until rob takes me on our one year anniversary trip to NYC for Tribeca Film Festival!