How About Orange

She's back!

We are ringing in 2009 with a groggy dog, thai food and some pimp champagne.
Hubby has a blog for 2009. He is going to try to watch and review 365 movies in one year... not too surprising from a recent film grad who now has no homework! Click here.


Last floor post (promise) until they are done. We are so excited about them that we pushed up the install... to Friday!! Ahh. So Thursday we are moving OUT of the house and putting everything in the backyard. hehe. This works out well because Rob will still be not working, so he can tend to the animals and supervise.

New Years we are going to dinner with Charles and Leslie and then possibly the bar. I also want to go to First Friday... we are poor for this pay period, but I am too excited to care.

Here is the craziness that is my house right now (note the very excited kitty and doggy)

New floors!

We took the plunge and got a date/product picked for the new floors. I am dreading moving all our stuff, but excited to be done with our ugly carpet and tile. Woo hoo! Next up, bedroom furniture!

Still sick, but doing better. Matt is in town so we are having a big family dinner tonight before he heads home to Denver.

1 day to go!

So excited! It is almost Christmas
(her shirt says "Santa's Little Helper" heheh)

New old stereo

Sounds great but we NEED new speakers...

Also, Merry Christmas to us. Rob got a job offer today! Small pay cut but my raise evens things out. So so so happy and unworried now.


stella loves to be lazy.

7 days until Christmas!

All I can think about is Christmas and my house... I cannot wait for new wood laminate floors and dual pane windows. Love it.

In other news, my wonderful husband graduates tomorrow from ASU!!!

Teeny Tiny Kitchen

We are in dire need of new floors. I think we decided on wood laminate... I HATE the previous owners DIY tile job. Lots are uneven and the grout is gross. Besides that, I only really need a fridge and more accessories.

This weekend we are FINALLY staining the fence, painting the salvaged file cabinet, and putting the rest of our Christmas lights up (a ladder would help!).

Home sweet home

Our little house is slowly coming along...

It's the most wonderful time of the year

I am loving getting the house ready for Christmas! Our tree seems tiny now, but we may upgrade this year to a bigger one. I am gong shopping tomorrow for more decorations and hopefully doing lights on the house. We also got our first "real" bed with a headboard... giving the old one and the box spring away.

Thanksgiving was great and this is my favorite time of year.

Also Milk was a wonderful movie. Go see it!

Stella is getting big!!

New addition to our family

This is our new little Maltese/Poodle girl. She is about 7-8 weeks old and super adorable! Right now she is sleeping in her crate and resting after meeting my parents and nephew Jayce. I love her already.

Zombie lawn

Yes, the monsoon brought some positives. Behold our previously dead lawn! It looks mighty fine and just needs edging and a proper fence.

Office stuff

Since Rob and I were off Friday, we went shopping. Found this Danish bookcase - I love it and can't wait to get my books out of my mom's attic once summer ends!

Monsoon craziness!

My much-anticipated four day weekend started with a BIG bang! Near midnight on Thursday, we had huge scary gusts of wind and non-stop hail and lightning. I was afraid we would lose the big tree in the backyard or that some of our windows would shatter. Well the damage was legit...lost the tree in front yard and our wooden fence in the back. I am OK parting with them, but don't want to pay any money right now. We had the tree hauled away yesterday and Rob will get fencing bids this week. Fun fun! 40th street lost a row of power lines and has been closed since the storm...seems like Phoenix and Tempe got the brunt of it.

Office in progress

Rob and I sold my beloved green couch and are turning the spare room into an office. After two days of craziness at Ikea, this is the work in progress. It is coming together really well, we just need a new desk chair, some prints, and paint.

Front yard mini-demo!

This is what our front yard looked like up until a few months ago. Since then, we have killed off the plants and ripped out the brick flower bed the previous owner had built. It blocked the built-in planter and never looked nice to us. All the plants were pretty unattractive and random.

A few weeks back we ripped out the brick, removed the plants, and started the daunting task of removing bags and bags of soil and dirt. Today we finally filled the dumpster with soil and redistributed the rock to even things out. I love the clean look, but still have to fix the landscape lighting and wait for the new plants to fill in. Slowly things are getting done, even in the 105+ degree Arizona heat.

Here are the results:


We baked some chocolate chip cookies to test out the new mixer. Quite a success - very yummy and not over/undercooked at all!!

Yummy things to come!

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Who knew I would be so excited to own something as domestic as this little guy? We received an unexpected late wedding gift in the form of a Crate and Barrel gift card. That gave me every reason to use my registry completion coupon! Rob is looking forward to being my guinea pig as I plan to try out many new recipes! I will post my first creation tonight.